Saturday, March 31, 2012

3.31.12 cloth diapering night number 3 and day number 4

today went pretty well in the cloth diapering world around here.
all except for one small mishap.

so last night, cash did great in his cloth diaper, slept all night long.
last night i washed ALL of his diapers and let them dry.

this afternoon i was changing his diaper and he had spots all over his hiney and it was beet red.
i wanted to cry my heart was so broken.
not only because he's NEVER had diaper rash, and he honestly didn't act like it bothered him, but because i felt like cloth diapering wasn't going to work if he was going to have to be like that.
 BUT, then, i realized what i had done wrong.
cash is SUPER sensitive to any kind of detergent that isn't "free & clear" "gentle" etc.
the wash that i had been using on my diapers is SUPER harsh. so harsh that you only have to use 1 tbsp of it PER load. and keep in mind, this stuff is for poopy/pee diapers. so it's bound to be very harsh on baby skin.
so i had to de-stuff, wash, and hang dry all of his diapers again. he was in disposables for the afternoon, but i put a ton of california baby diaper rash ointment (one of the VERY few that are cloth diaper safe) on his hiney and even though he peed through his disposables, one of the many reasons i'm glad i switched, all of his diapers are now cleaned in a safe detergent for him and the diapers and his hiney is no longer bumpy or red. that stuff worked great!

i am so glad i realized what was wrong before it kept him like that.
he is currently asleep in his cloth diaper, but he fell asleep on the way home from my dads with no bottle and a fresh diaper with only one insert, which means he'll more than likely wake up to eat and be changed. which is fine with me.

we didn't really do much today. went to visit family and typical weekend things.

i am currently working on discovering 18 uses for my dr bronners. maybe i'll blog about it when i find that many. so far i only have 5 or 6. i've heard of a few that i am not willing to try. like, using it as medicine and tooth paste? what the heck. hahaha

i'm still waiting on a lady to email me back about picking up some cloth diapers, i'm so excited i've sent her like 29304032984 emails. hahaha

but, it's time to run off to bed and dream of lovely things!

love, hugs, and no more rashes!

Friday, March 30, 2012

3.30 cloth diapering day #3

Today went great as the past two have!
Did some errands and cding is still working great!

Not much to update on.

I adjusted the elastic again for the third time and finally think I've found the perfect fit for my little one!
I'm getting the hang of taking him out with them too. I love it. :)

Love hugs and cloth diapering

Baby buys 3.30.12

I forgot to post this yesterday.
So I'll do my best to remember what I got :) I posted a video on YouTube but it doesn't contain everything because some bags were in the car when I filmed!

A cute blue monkey bin for holding cloth diapers.
A new spray bottle for wipe solution
2 travel bottles for wipe solution & bug spray for the diaper bag
Some shorts & tshirts pjs for Cash
Baby food
Oxyclean baby which is safe for cloth diapers
Dr bronners almond scented Castile soap to use as wash and wipe solution
Me some shoes

Babies r us:
A stroller bag
Cash a sun hat
A wipe case
Bath toys
Tommee tippee pacifiers
Tommee tippee spoons

I believe that's all. Of course with my mom brain I probably forgot something(s).

But that's about it!
Love hugs & baby buys

3.30.12 night #1 in cloth diapers

Night number one in cloth diapers went surprisingly well!

With disposables I had to use night time diapers or get up and change him his jammies and his sheets.

Cash normally does not wake up.
He woke up at about 5, but I'm not going to say it was because of cloth diapers.

There could be many reasons. The inserts (I used 2) were not soaked, just a little wet. He didn't finish his bottle before I put him to bed and he's teething.

He was crying his hungry cry. So once I changed him gave him Tylenol and fed him he was out within 15 minutes.

We'll try a few more nights before I say he won't sleep in them. Because he did very well last night.

It's almost time to start our day :)
I'll blog again later

Love, hugs, and 5am snacks

Thursday, March 29, 2012

3.29.12 cloth diapering day #2 & what i did today

As i stated earlier, today is day number 2 on cloth diapering.
today went WONDERFUL in the cloth diapering world!

we had our very first (and second) poopy cloth diapers! which i was really scared of. because the diapers look so pretty and bright and white and i didn't want them to stain or to have to scrape poop off of it. but it was unlike anything i thought of! 
the poop just fell right off and when i rinsed it you couldn't even tell it had poop on it.
which is why again, i think i picked a great time to start cloth diapering (since his poop is solid).

we also had our very first outing using cloth diapers!
it went pretty good, all except for cash had a complete and total MELTDOWN on the way home. :( he NEVER does that. he's been drooly and super chewy and sleepy lately so i believe he is teething again. 

tonight is our very first night in cloth diapers, (today was just FULL of firsts) hopefully a night in cloth diapers will be full of sleep and just like the other firsts we've experienced today, go over well. :)

on another note,

we ran quite a few errands today.
went to my church to visit nana and get some food she got for us.
took some food to my friend and her boys.
went to another friends to go through some clothes for cash for this summer.
came home, ate, napped, played.
sold some stuff of cash's that we don't use or he's grown out of.
went to gastonia with my mom to get some crafting supplies and get a few things from target.
which was when cash had a complete meltdown on the way home.
now we're home, i just gave cash his bath, gave him his bottle, rocked him, and put him to bed.

now it's mommy time. which happens not so often anymore lol
josh worked today (as a side job with a friend of my mom's, it's not much, but its better than nothing right now).
he's now at his dad's just hanging out and relaxing.
 knowing him, he'll come home and come in my room RIIIIIIGHT when i'm falling asleep or asleep really good then i'll be up for hours. as usual. hahaha

but, my favorite show, the big bang theory is on. 
and i'm going to watch it since josh isn't here to jibber jabber while i'm trying to enjoy it.

love, hugs, and may all of the "firsts" you go through, go well!

3.29.12 day #2 of cloth diapering

hi everybody!

day number one of cloth diapering went suprisingly well!
he didn't wear a cloth diaper all day. he wore them from the time he got up until he went to church at 6 then was disposable diapered through the night (i didn't want a cloth diaper to be thrown away by mistake at church, so he wore disposables, which he decided to poop then in it lol, then josh didn't know which snaps to put the diaper on so he just put a regular disposable on him for bedtime)

day number two has begun great!
he had his VERY FIRST poopy cloth diaper and it wasn't scary at all as i expected!
i thought oh no it's gonna stain and ruin but it was a solid, just flipped it in the toilet and rinsed out the diaper.
with water alone, any trace of poop on that diaper was gone.

i think i picked a very good time to start cloth diapering.
he's 8 months old so usually his poop is solid and it's much easier to deal with.
also, it's getting warmer outside and these diapers are so cute he can just wear a shirt or onesie and look adorable.

we haven't had our first trip out into public with cloth diapers yet, but i'm pretty excited!
today holds a lot of running for us.
selling some old baby stuff, getting more baby food, visiting a friend, getting some hand me down baby clothes, going to gastonia to get some crafting things...

so hopefully in there we'll have some time to stop for some diaper changes and hopefully they won't be scary like i'm thinking.

so far i'm LOVING cloth diapering.
especially after i saw how easy poop removal was.

cannot wait to get more (i'm already emailing people getting gently used ones for cheap, which is a great way to start off!) hopefully i can sell some things and save up some money [:

love, hugs, and not so scary poopy diapers

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

youtube channel!

i just realized that in the last post i forgot to put the link for my cloth diapering stash video.

here it is.

that should work. :)
and that's my channel

anything you want me to do videos on i certainly will!

3.28.12 cloth diapering/wipering

hi guys!

okay, so, today is day number 1 in our cloth diapering adventure!
as you know, we've been cloth "wipering" for about 2-3 weeks now, and i'm aboslutely loving it!
it's so nice to just be able to wash the stuff and reuse instead of spending all that money and just throwing it in the trash.

cloth diapering is going well so far!
yesterday i went to once upon a child in hickory and they have an entire stock of fuzzibunz (one of the BEST cloth diapering systems on the market!) which i was DYING to try!

i got 12 fuzzibunz, a fuzzibunz wet bag (to keep in the diaper bag for soiled diapers on the go, this will protect the diapers and not let you be able to smell anything even poop! and keep all wetness inside the bag and not leak onto everything else!), a bag of rockin green (a cloth diaper and laundry wash, you can only use certain detergents with cloth diapers, they're pretty sensitive. the good things is, you can use some store bought detergents.), and a bag of 3 extra inserts.

here's the walk through of the type of diapers i'm using, just so you can get a mental picture and see how really easy cloth diapering can be! if you want a view of this, i posted a video on my youtube channel about it and what's in my "stash". here's the link::: 

there are MANY types of cloth diapers, but here is a little bit about the kind i'm using.

FuzziBunz, one size pocket diaper elite.

a one size diaper is the easiest and most cost efficient in the long run. a one size will grow with your baby from newborn to potty. they are a little bit more pricey (most are about $20 each) but keep in mind that they will last you through your childs entire diapering career.

a pocket diaper is a diaper that has a pocket in the pack that you stuff with an insert. an insert is that part of the diaper that absorbs urine.

the outside of a pocket diaper is made of a material called PUL, which is a waterproof material and is also very soft.

they come in many colors/sizes/prints, etc.

i got the following ones yesterday:
all are fuzzibunz

2 yellow, 2 red, 2 blue, 1 spearmint, 1 white, 1 orange, 2 green, and a brown.

this is a pretty good starting out stash, you have to calculate how many diaper changes you do a day give or take a few.
for us, that's about 10 diaper changes a day. 

i'll have to do laundry almost everyday at this point.

but, i'm saving up money to buy more as we go along. 

there are ways to get cheaper cloth diapers, some of the cheaper brands aren't as good, but if you want a good brand for a cheaper price, you can try to find some that are gently used. i know, that sounds gross, but the detergent you use with them gets them 100% clean and disinfected, it'd be more like buying clothing from someone else or goodwill.

well, cash is napping and i have a lot of things to do, but this is the beginning of our journey and i'll probably post every day/every few days about how it's going!


love, hugs, and fuzzy butts

Sunday, March 25, 2012

3.26.12 clothliness

Okay so as you know from my last post I started cloth wiping.

And now I'm fixing to start cloth diapering.

I know I said I was against it
But I happened upon a great deal and am gonna start them this week.

I'm so excited about the cuteness and the money savings!!

Will blog more tomorrow and hopefully do a YouTube video update!

Friday, March 23, 2012

3.23.12 cloth wipering :p

Why did I decide to do this?:
-well, I found some receipts while cleaning out my wallet and added up the diapers & wipe costs from the past 6 months or so, it was nearly $500.
And that's not even ALL of the receipts we've bought those things on either. And in my mind that is RIDICULOUS. I understand they're easy and convenient. And I'll probably continue to use them on the go and keep a box stashed here & there just in case. But we go through a ton of wipes. And I'm not willing to spend $40 month on wipes alone. No way.

How I did it:
- to start off I did ALOT OF RESEARCH. About the wipes themselves, solutions, reviews, YouTube videos, etc.
- I got up some flannel (cheap & soft) and cut it into about 7x7" squares. Then I was going to surge the edges (wraps sides with thread so they won't fray) but unfortunately, our sewing machine doesn't surge. :( so I just sewed them together flipped them right side out and sewed em shut. Like a blanket or anything else. This left me with an about 6x6" square. Which work pretty good :) after about 5 wipes were made, the bobbin on the machine got tangled and now were still waiting on my pop to come fix it. But in the mean time, I got all of his good wash cloths (they don't get used for baths, I'd just assume wash him with my hands) so they've just been sitting in a drawer, and folded them how disposable wipes are done so they "pop up" out of the box& put them in a wipes container.

My solution recipe:
I don't really want any scented stuff on his hiney, I imagine that could get uncomfortable or cause a rash or stinging on those sensitive parts. So I just googled solutions and kinda came up with my own. I'm sure I'll try different ones but I'm currently using this one:
~ 1 cup distilled water
~ 1 tbsp baby oil (I use then aloe infused sensitive kind)
~ 1 tbsp aveeno sensitive baby wash (it's soap free and extremely gentle, even on bottoms!)
~ 1 tbsp aloe & vitamin e sensitive baby lotion

~~ pour into spray bottle, screw on lid, and shake til it's all mixed up. If you use warm or hot water the lotion will melt better.

Now, I'm using the "dry" wipe method, which means the wipes stay dry until I use them, which means they won't grow mold/bacteria while they're just sitting waiting to be used. This is the suggested method for taking on the go since you can buy a travel spray bottle. But, like I said, I'm only using cloth wipes at home. Because I don't want to have to force that onto closed minded people or carry around a wet bag or whatever else. It's easy at home when I can just throw them into the laundry basket.

With wipes that are used with a poopy diaper, I have a Walmart bag hanging on the door knob next to his changing table and throw them in there. I don't want his poo mixing with his clothes. When I was those I will wash them out in the sink really good before they go in the wash with the rest of his clothes.

You may be wondering, if you cloth wipe why not cloth diaper?

During pregnancy I wanted to cloth diaper sooooo bad. But now that I've done ALOT more research on it, cloth diapered babies get chronic diaper rash basically. Cash has NEVER had diaper rash and I'd prefer to keep it that way. In disposable diapers they insert chemicals that pull urine away from the skin(these chemicals can also harm the skin) but keeps them from getting diaper rash. I mean I see both sides, but I don't wanna have to deal with a baby who is upset and hurting from rash all the time.

3.23.12 wowza!

I apologize for not blogging ALL WEEK! Yikes, where did the time go?!

We've had a very busy week! Which means lots to blog about!

I'm thinking about doing some review and YouTube video type blogs. Like, what's in your bag, diaper bag, day in the life, etc!

I love doing YouTube videos but since josh lost his job, I have like no time to do them. It embarrasses me to film infront of him lol :p

But, we've done lots of running and errands this week. We had to pick up wic vouchers yesterday and Cash is getting soooo big!

He was 23 lbs 5 oz & 29.5" long
He was almost off the charts with height for his age,he is SO tall!

I've started using cloth wipes too! I I was cleaning out my wallet, and found pretty much every receipt from the past 6 months or so, and in that time we've spent nearly $500 on diapers and wipes! I'd hate to see how much it'd be if we hadn't received so many diapers at our baby showers.

About 1/4 of that cost was wipes (and that's not even ALL the receipts, just a few I had stashed.) so I decided since I'm not much for cloth diapering (cloth diapered babies get alot more diaper rash, pretty much constant, and I don't care how good for the environment they are, I'm not hurting my baby for anything!) so I decided to do cloth wipes. I'll do another blog all about them! So far so good! :D

Josh and Cash have decided to stop going to the chiropractor, josh doesn't feel like its doing anything for him and I really don't want Cash to have his back popped 3x a week for 4 weeks. That's scary especially on a baby!!

Let's see what else...
I think that's all.

Love hugs and forgetful mommy brain

Saturday, March 17, 2012

3.17.12 happy st PATTYS day!

Hope everyone is having a great saint Patrick's day!

Playing lots of games to give away freebies on kids & caboodle!

Met up for some orders this morning, made some orders, got Cash some rompers on sale at belk for this summer. I love rompers.

When I was pregnant, I was so picky about baby clothes. Types, prints, etc. but now I love everything because it all looks so cute on Cash. <3

Going out to eat tonight with Josh's family!
Hope everyone has a great day!

Love hugs and green!

Friday, March 16, 2012

3.16.12 today...

well, i posted earlier about how the morning/beginning of the afternoon went.

after josh, cash, and i got home from the chiropractor, we swang outside and played for a while, ate some snacks, played some more, took a nap, and played some more, i did some crafting while my nana came to visit and play with cash, then my mom, cash, and i went to the grocery store.

i don't know about any other moms out there, but i cannot resist the baby section in every store i go into.
it's like an obsession. and i'll save up money and think "okay carrie, you really need a new pair of jeans and a top or two for yourself. you spend all of your money on cash and you need to think about yourself sometimes too. you do have a fiance to look nice for and you don't need to look like a bum when your son and fiance look nice when you go out." but then i spend all of my money on cash anyways. haha

i love trying every single baby product that i can get my hands on.
sippy cups, bottles, pacis, clothing types, diapers, wipes, etc.

if it has anything to do with a baby, i want to try it. hahaha

thinking about doing some baby review blogs or things i've used and like/don't like for baby stuff.

today, at walmart, i did buy myself some tinted moisterizer (because who has time for a full face of make up when you have a baby?) and some mascara because my old one is now infested with bacteria from using it when i had a sty on my eye. ]:

i've always been pretty self conscious about my body, even before i had cash.
i've been bigger all of my life.

but if i do spend money on myself, now, i like to buy make up or things that make me feel pretty.
occasionally i'll find some tops or jeans that look good.
i pretty much have 2 or 3 outfits that i feel good about myself in..which is sad.
i just feel like when i go out i never have the time to go in a store, browse, find something, try it on in different sizes/colors/styles, then actually get it. because most of the time my trips involve me cash and josh who both want to do other things than look for stuff for me.

buuuuut anyways, it does make me feel good when i get a little new something for myself like a mascara or a nail polish...i also like to buy pocketbooks. they change up my outfits i feel good in. haha

well, baby has been asleep for about an hour and a half. time to go cuddle up with my man and watch some tv and spend some time together. [:

love, hugs, new mascara, and cuddles

3.16.12 electric shock!

Josh and Cash had appointments at the chiropractor this morning as check ups from the wreck. Reports came back good for Cash. Josh on the other hand got a little shock therapy :p

He said it wasn't too bad, just felt like tingling.

I personally think chiropractors are kind of sketchy... For many reasons.

But anyways,
We ate lunch came home and have played inside and outside (: it's a lovely 76 outside!

Also I've been working on some k&c stuff. (:

Hope everyone gets out & gets their vitamin e today!

Love hugs and electric shock

Thursday, March 15, 2012

3.15.12 8 month olds...

Well today my baby boy (who doesn't look like a baby at all) is 8 months old!

The other day when we went to visit miss Zella in the hospital Cash's noni (my step mom) took him out in the hall and one of the nurses guessed he was 17 months old! He's such a big boy. And has been since the day he was born.

We finally got our car back today! :D it feels good to be back in our own car!

I also discovered today that with my Walgreens app (I pretty much download apps for every store that has one, I wake up at night sometimes and get really bored so I shop. My favorites are Walgreens, target, and amazon!) and I found out I can use the app to upload my pics directly to the store to print off. So now my home will be filled with cute Cashton everywhere! :p

That makes it alot easier since I have an iPhone and you can't just pop the sd card out. You have to take the whole charger cord in. Annoyingggg!

Working on some fun blogs to post in the next few days! (:

Love hugs and happy 8 month olds

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

3.14.12 happy pi day!

Happy pi day everyone! You know, pi as in 3.14 like in math? Haha

Let's see, here's what we did today!

Got up & got ready, went to Shelby for josh to apply for jobs, get a carseat to show insurance people, ate lunch, came home, put up Cash's swing, played, Cash and I went to eat with my best friend paige, then went to visit baby Zella who is finally home (:

Now Cash is tucked into bed after a day full of playing, visiting, riding, and swinging!

Josh went to get food (because I didn't bring home any lol)

And I just ate a jethro bowl (big big bowl) of cereal.

Hopefully tomorrow will be another relaxing fun day spent outside!

Love hugs & swinging

Monday, March 12, 2012

3.14.12 oops I did it again!

Sorry for not blogging yesterday... We were veeeery busy! I'm sure that won't be the only time I don't blog, so, sorry in advance! :P

Here's how my day went yesterday:

The normal morning routine for Cash and I: got up, ate, played, and napped. Then when he got up we all got ready to run some errands.

Went to see my sweet new niece, Zella <3 it's so nice to be able to share the love of being a parent with my sister!

Went to Gastonia & ran some errands/picked up a few things for kids & caboodle (my children's/baby business

Spent some time at Josh's moms since we were up that way, granny Michelle took Cash on a stroll in the neighbor hood. He sure does love being outside!

Then we came home and did our usual bedtime routine.

And now is 3:30am and I woke up for no reason, and I'm bored & can't fall asleep. So here I am. Lol

Hopefully we get our car back tomorrow! (it was in a wreck and was being fixed) I love our rental it's so much more spacious. (:

Hope everyone is having a good week! Happy hump day!
Love & hugs,

Zella is here!

Miss Zella Mae emory is here <3

7 lbs 4.5 oz

She's beautiful and perfect.

Mommy and baby are both doing very well <3

Impatiently waiting...3.12.12

Okay so as you know, my step sister Brooke has been in the hospital since last night. Well, it's the next afternoon and I'm getting very impatient!

Her doctor said she thinks Zella will be here sometime mid afternoon. I sure do hope so, for my AND Brooke's sake! Haha

I've showered, gotten ready, cleaned, rounded up and washed some nursing stuff to take to the hospital for her, made her and Zella a super cute sign for the hospital door & their front door when they go home, played with Cash of course and done more laundry.

But, when I had Cash they said he'd be here by 4:15pm and he wasn't born until 10:08pm. Lol so, I know how that goes.

I have class from 5-930 and I'm praying I get to see Zella in person before then. My dad promised he'd call me when things started getting close, so I'm impatiently waiting on that call.

Still sending up lots of prayers.

Impatience and lots of laundry,

I&apos;m fixing to be an aunt...again! 3.12.12

The day after Cash was born, my step sister announced that she was pregnant. Now, at the time I was kinda upset with raging hormones and told my fiancé she stole mine and Cash's sunshine by announcing the day after he was born.

It really was just the hormones making me think that.

She and my brother in law had a hard time getting pregnant but now here we are 8 months later. She texted me about two hours ago saying she was in the hospital. I'm so excited and nervous for her. I remember the night before Cash was born like it was yesterday. I remember how nervous I was. I'm gonna cry just thinking about it.

But on a happier note, our family is about to get bigger and more love is going to spew from our hearts as Zella Mae enters the world.

I didn't cry when Cash was born. I cry thinking about it now. But at the time I guess so much was going on I just couldn't. And I will probably cry when I go to meet Zella tomorrow.

When my nephew was born 5 years ago, I was in ninth grade and really didn't think much of it. I love him to death don't get me wrong, but babies being born means much more after you've had your own and you've been there.

I dread the birthing part for her because I know it's a scary thing, but I know she'll do fine and it'll all be over soon.

So god please bless Zella with safe travels as you send her down from heaven and onto this earth. And bless her parents with comforting hands.

I can't wait to meet miss Zella <3

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Baby buys 3.11.12

Everytime I get Cash new things (which is very often, I'm a fiend of baby stuff!) I'll tell you about what I got, about how much it was, and a review on it. (: (prices wont always be exact, I'll try to remember though)

These are some things that I bought this weekend:

Circo white low rise socks-$6
Circo grey/red pack high rise socks-$6

I had to get Cash new socks. His legs aren't really chunky but most socks squeeze his legs ): the last time I got him socks I got 6-18 months. They're cutting his legs so I got 2-3t. They fit him pretty good. They're a little big right now but they'll fit for a while!

Table toppers with box $10

Before we went to target we ate at a sandwich shop. There was a baby a little older than cash at the table beside us who had one of these on the table. His mom let us try one and we loved them so we got some! They're little thin plastic sheets with sticky edges (like post it sticky) that you stick to the table to put their bites of food on so they're not touching a germy table and not making a mess! (:

We got some of the usual things like baby food and diapers on this trip also.


Outside little tykes swing $22

I loved mine when I was little and since it's warming up I wanted cash to have one so bad (: we haven't hung it up yet but I'm very excited to try it soon! I've heard the ropes deteriorate very easily so were hanging it in our carport so it won't weather and will last longer. Plus it'll keep cash out of the sun.

Philips avent pacifiers $3

Babies r us was having a sale on these so of course I had to get some! :p Cash loves these and mam pacis. They have a similar nipple.

Hope you guys enjoyed this baby buys blog! (:

3.11.12 a day of "ings"

Today was a day of ings. Meaning, I got alot of things done. Selling, trading, buying, washing, drying, playing, eating, and of course, loving.

I don't like to hold onto things that don't have a purpose. If I haven't touched it, messed with it, or thought about it in 6 months, I try to sell it. I got rid of a few baby things today that Cash has grown out of or that have been replaced.

I'm very big into trading. Since I make children and baby things I love trading them for stuff I need for Cash. Today I traded some painted letters for a box of clothes that'll fit him this summer/spring/beginning of fall. I probably won't have to buy anything!

Today I went to a flea market and bought some things to use at my wedding and got a pretty good deal on them (: I also bought Cash some mega blocks and a wagon for them to go in. He played with some at my dads and loved them!

As a mom, a day doesn't go by that I don't wash something. Clothes, toys, bottles, towels, anything! Today I got pretty much every baby item in this house clean. Including baby furniture. When it comes to Cash's health and safety I'm super anal. I have schedules of how often I wash certain things and I stay on that schedule! (might do a blog about that!)

Okay okay, there's nothing really to drying but waiting. Which is a very sucky thing.

Cash me and daddy play pretty much all day. Cash loves toys and interacting and learning. Thank god! Some babies/people just have no drive to want to learn. But Cash does. And that makes me extremely happy!

Today we ate fried foods (ugh) because it was Josh's mamaws birthday and that's what she likes. Things like that just do wonders for my diet! NOT! haha!

And last but certainly not least, loving:
I try my hardest in everything I do, every word I speak, and every thought I have to do nothing but love.

A little bit about me!

Name: Carrie

DOB: 10-26-91

state: Nc

Reason for blogging: it'll be like my diary (: and I love reading blogs! I'll probably do some of the things I do on my YouTube channel! Reviews, baby stuff, mommy stuff, day in the life, etc (:

Spouse: josh (: engaged <3

Family: son, Cashton "Cash"

Career: student to be a rn