Sunday, March 11, 2012

Baby buys 3.11.12

Everytime I get Cash new things (which is very often, I'm a fiend of baby stuff!) I'll tell you about what I got, about how much it was, and a review on it. (: (prices wont always be exact, I'll try to remember though)

These are some things that I bought this weekend:

Circo white low rise socks-$6
Circo grey/red pack high rise socks-$6

I had to get Cash new socks. His legs aren't really chunky but most socks squeeze his legs ): the last time I got him socks I got 6-18 months. They're cutting his legs so I got 2-3t. They fit him pretty good. They're a little big right now but they'll fit for a while!

Table toppers with box $10

Before we went to target we ate at a sandwich shop. There was a baby a little older than cash at the table beside us who had one of these on the table. His mom let us try one and we loved them so we got some! They're little thin plastic sheets with sticky edges (like post it sticky) that you stick to the table to put their bites of food on so they're not touching a germy table and not making a mess! (:

We got some of the usual things like baby food and diapers on this trip also.


Outside little tykes swing $22

I loved mine when I was little and since it's warming up I wanted cash to have one so bad (: we haven't hung it up yet but I'm very excited to try it soon! I've heard the ropes deteriorate very easily so were hanging it in our carport so it won't weather and will last longer. Plus it'll keep cash out of the sun.

Philips avent pacifiers $3

Babies r us was having a sale on these so of course I had to get some! :p Cash loves these and mam pacis. They have a similar nipple.

Hope you guys enjoyed this baby buys blog! (:


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