Sunday, March 11, 2012

3.11.12 a day of "ings"

Today was a day of ings. Meaning, I got alot of things done. Selling, trading, buying, washing, drying, playing, eating, and of course, loving.

I don't like to hold onto things that don't have a purpose. If I haven't touched it, messed with it, or thought about it in 6 months, I try to sell it. I got rid of a few baby things today that Cash has grown out of or that have been replaced.

I'm very big into trading. Since I make children and baby things I love trading them for stuff I need for Cash. Today I traded some painted letters for a box of clothes that'll fit him this summer/spring/beginning of fall. I probably won't have to buy anything!

Today I went to a flea market and bought some things to use at my wedding and got a pretty good deal on them (: I also bought Cash some mega blocks and a wagon for them to go in. He played with some at my dads and loved them!

As a mom, a day doesn't go by that I don't wash something. Clothes, toys, bottles, towels, anything! Today I got pretty much every baby item in this house clean. Including baby furniture. When it comes to Cash's health and safety I'm super anal. I have schedules of how often I wash certain things and I stay on that schedule! (might do a blog about that!)

Okay okay, there's nothing really to drying but waiting. Which is a very sucky thing.

Cash me and daddy play pretty much all day. Cash loves toys and interacting and learning. Thank god! Some babies/people just have no drive to want to learn. But Cash does. And that makes me extremely happy!

Today we ate fried foods (ugh) because it was Josh's mamaws birthday and that's what she likes. Things like that just do wonders for my diet! NOT! haha!

And last but certainly not least, loving:
I try my hardest in everything I do, every word I speak, and every thought I have to do nothing but love.


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