Thursday, March 15, 2012

3.15.12 8 month olds...

Well today my baby boy (who doesn't look like a baby at all) is 8 months old!

The other day when we went to visit miss Zella in the hospital Cash's noni (my step mom) took him out in the hall and one of the nurses guessed he was 17 months old! He's such a big boy. And has been since the day he was born.

We finally got our car back today! :D it feels good to be back in our own car!

I also discovered today that with my Walgreens app (I pretty much download apps for every store that has one, I wake up at night sometimes and get really bored so I shop. My favorites are Walgreens, target, and amazon!) and I found out I can use the app to upload my pics directly to the store to print off. So now my home will be filled with cute Cashton everywhere! :p

That makes it alot easier since I have an iPhone and you can't just pop the sd card out. You have to take the whole charger cord in. Annoyingggg!

Working on some fun blogs to post in the next few days! (:

Love hugs and happy 8 month olds


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