Monday, March 12, 2012

Impatiently waiting...3.12.12

Okay so as you know, my step sister Brooke has been in the hospital since last night. Well, it's the next afternoon and I'm getting very impatient!

Her doctor said she thinks Zella will be here sometime mid afternoon. I sure do hope so, for my AND Brooke's sake! Haha

I've showered, gotten ready, cleaned, rounded up and washed some nursing stuff to take to the hospital for her, made her and Zella a super cute sign for the hospital door & their front door when they go home, played with Cash of course and done more laundry.

But, when I had Cash they said he'd be here by 4:15pm and he wasn't born until 10:08pm. Lol so, I know how that goes.

I have class from 5-930 and I'm praying I get to see Zella in person before then. My dad promised he'd call me when things started getting close, so I'm impatiently waiting on that call.

Still sending up lots of prayers.

Impatience and lots of laundry,


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