Wednesday, March 14, 2012

3.14.12 happy pi day!

Happy pi day everyone! You know, pi as in 3.14 like in math? Haha

Let's see, here's what we did today!

Got up & got ready, went to Shelby for josh to apply for jobs, get a carseat to show insurance people, ate lunch, came home, put up Cash's swing, played, Cash and I went to eat with my best friend paige, then went to visit baby Zella who is finally home (:

Now Cash is tucked into bed after a day full of playing, visiting, riding, and swinging!

Josh went to get food (because I didn't bring home any lol)

And I just ate a jethro bowl (big big bowl) of cereal.

Hopefully tomorrow will be another relaxing fun day spent outside!

Love hugs & swinging


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