Wednesday, March 28, 2012

3.28.12 cloth diapering/wipering

hi guys!

okay, so, today is day number 1 in our cloth diapering adventure!
as you know, we've been cloth "wipering" for about 2-3 weeks now, and i'm aboslutely loving it!
it's so nice to just be able to wash the stuff and reuse instead of spending all that money and just throwing it in the trash.

cloth diapering is going well so far!
yesterday i went to once upon a child in hickory and they have an entire stock of fuzzibunz (one of the BEST cloth diapering systems on the market!) which i was DYING to try!

i got 12 fuzzibunz, a fuzzibunz wet bag (to keep in the diaper bag for soiled diapers on the go, this will protect the diapers and not let you be able to smell anything even poop! and keep all wetness inside the bag and not leak onto everything else!), a bag of rockin green (a cloth diaper and laundry wash, you can only use certain detergents with cloth diapers, they're pretty sensitive. the good things is, you can use some store bought detergents.), and a bag of 3 extra inserts.

here's the walk through of the type of diapers i'm using, just so you can get a mental picture and see how really easy cloth diapering can be! if you want a view of this, i posted a video on my youtube channel about it and what's in my "stash". here's the link::: 

there are MANY types of cloth diapers, but here is a little bit about the kind i'm using.

FuzziBunz, one size pocket diaper elite.

a one size diaper is the easiest and most cost efficient in the long run. a one size will grow with your baby from newborn to potty. they are a little bit more pricey (most are about $20 each) but keep in mind that they will last you through your childs entire diapering career.

a pocket diaper is a diaper that has a pocket in the pack that you stuff with an insert. an insert is that part of the diaper that absorbs urine.

the outside of a pocket diaper is made of a material called PUL, which is a waterproof material and is also very soft.

they come in many colors/sizes/prints, etc.

i got the following ones yesterday:
all are fuzzibunz

2 yellow, 2 red, 2 blue, 1 spearmint, 1 white, 1 orange, 2 green, and a brown.

this is a pretty good starting out stash, you have to calculate how many diaper changes you do a day give or take a few.
for us, that's about 10 diaper changes a day. 

i'll have to do laundry almost everyday at this point.

but, i'm saving up money to buy more as we go along. 

there are ways to get cheaper cloth diapers, some of the cheaper brands aren't as good, but if you want a good brand for a cheaper price, you can try to find some that are gently used. i know, that sounds gross, but the detergent you use with them gets them 100% clean and disinfected, it'd be more like buying clothing from someone else or goodwill.

well, cash is napping and i have a lot of things to do, but this is the beginning of our journey and i'll probably post every day/every few days about how it's going!


love, hugs, and fuzzy butts


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