Friday, March 23, 2012

3.23.12 cloth wipering :p

Why did I decide to do this?:
-well, I found some receipts while cleaning out my wallet and added up the diapers & wipe costs from the past 6 months or so, it was nearly $500.
And that's not even ALL of the receipts we've bought those things on either. And in my mind that is RIDICULOUS. I understand they're easy and convenient. And I'll probably continue to use them on the go and keep a box stashed here & there just in case. But we go through a ton of wipes. And I'm not willing to spend $40 month on wipes alone. No way.

How I did it:
- to start off I did ALOT OF RESEARCH. About the wipes themselves, solutions, reviews, YouTube videos, etc.
- I got up some flannel (cheap & soft) and cut it into about 7x7" squares. Then I was going to surge the edges (wraps sides with thread so they won't fray) but unfortunately, our sewing machine doesn't surge. :( so I just sewed them together flipped them right side out and sewed em shut. Like a blanket or anything else. This left me with an about 6x6" square. Which work pretty good :) after about 5 wipes were made, the bobbin on the machine got tangled and now were still waiting on my pop to come fix it. But in the mean time, I got all of his good wash cloths (they don't get used for baths, I'd just assume wash him with my hands) so they've just been sitting in a drawer, and folded them how disposable wipes are done so they "pop up" out of the box& put them in a wipes container.

My solution recipe:
I don't really want any scented stuff on his hiney, I imagine that could get uncomfortable or cause a rash or stinging on those sensitive parts. So I just googled solutions and kinda came up with my own. I'm sure I'll try different ones but I'm currently using this one:
~ 1 cup distilled water
~ 1 tbsp baby oil (I use then aloe infused sensitive kind)
~ 1 tbsp aveeno sensitive baby wash (it's soap free and extremely gentle, even on bottoms!)
~ 1 tbsp aloe & vitamin e sensitive baby lotion

~~ pour into spray bottle, screw on lid, and shake til it's all mixed up. If you use warm or hot water the lotion will melt better.

Now, I'm using the "dry" wipe method, which means the wipes stay dry until I use them, which means they won't grow mold/bacteria while they're just sitting waiting to be used. This is the suggested method for taking on the go since you can buy a travel spray bottle. But, like I said, I'm only using cloth wipes at home. Because I don't want to have to force that onto closed minded people or carry around a wet bag or whatever else. It's easy at home when I can just throw them into the laundry basket.

With wipes that are used with a poopy diaper, I have a Walmart bag hanging on the door knob next to his changing table and throw them in there. I don't want his poo mixing with his clothes. When I was those I will wash them out in the sink really good before they go in the wash with the rest of his clothes.

You may be wondering, if you cloth wipe why not cloth diaper?

During pregnancy I wanted to cloth diaper sooooo bad. But now that I've done ALOT more research on it, cloth diapered babies get chronic diaper rash basically. Cash has NEVER had diaper rash and I'd prefer to keep it that way. In disposable diapers they insert chemicals that pull urine away from the skin(these chemicals can also harm the skin) but keeps them from getting diaper rash. I mean I see both sides, but I don't wanna have to deal with a baby who is upset and hurting from rash all the time.


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