Friday, March 16, 2012

3.16.12 today...

well, i posted earlier about how the morning/beginning of the afternoon went.

after josh, cash, and i got home from the chiropractor, we swang outside and played for a while, ate some snacks, played some more, took a nap, and played some more, i did some crafting while my nana came to visit and play with cash, then my mom, cash, and i went to the grocery store.

i don't know about any other moms out there, but i cannot resist the baby section in every store i go into.
it's like an obsession. and i'll save up money and think "okay carrie, you really need a new pair of jeans and a top or two for yourself. you spend all of your money on cash and you need to think about yourself sometimes too. you do have a fiance to look nice for and you don't need to look like a bum when your son and fiance look nice when you go out." but then i spend all of my money on cash anyways. haha

i love trying every single baby product that i can get my hands on.
sippy cups, bottles, pacis, clothing types, diapers, wipes, etc.

if it has anything to do with a baby, i want to try it. hahaha

thinking about doing some baby review blogs or things i've used and like/don't like for baby stuff.

today, at walmart, i did buy myself some tinted moisterizer (because who has time for a full face of make up when you have a baby?) and some mascara because my old one is now infested with bacteria from using it when i had a sty on my eye. ]:

i've always been pretty self conscious about my body, even before i had cash.
i've been bigger all of my life.

but if i do spend money on myself, now, i like to buy make up or things that make me feel pretty.
occasionally i'll find some tops or jeans that look good.
i pretty much have 2 or 3 outfits that i feel good about myself in..which is sad.
i just feel like when i go out i never have the time to go in a store, browse, find something, try it on in different sizes/colors/styles, then actually get it. because most of the time my trips involve me cash and josh who both want to do other things than look for stuff for me.

buuuuut anyways, it does make me feel good when i get a little new something for myself like a mascara or a nail polish...i also like to buy pocketbooks. they change up my outfits i feel good in. haha

well, baby has been asleep for about an hour and a half. time to go cuddle up with my man and watch some tv and spend some time together. [:

love, hugs, new mascara, and cuddles


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