Thursday, March 29, 2012

3.29.12 day #2 of cloth diapering

hi everybody!

day number one of cloth diapering went suprisingly well!
he didn't wear a cloth diaper all day. he wore them from the time he got up until he went to church at 6 then was disposable diapered through the night (i didn't want a cloth diaper to be thrown away by mistake at church, so he wore disposables, which he decided to poop then in it lol, then josh didn't know which snaps to put the diaper on so he just put a regular disposable on him for bedtime)

day number two has begun great!
he had his VERY FIRST poopy cloth diaper and it wasn't scary at all as i expected!
i thought oh no it's gonna stain and ruin but it was a solid, just flipped it in the toilet and rinsed out the diaper.
with water alone, any trace of poop on that diaper was gone.

i think i picked a very good time to start cloth diapering.
he's 8 months old so usually his poop is solid and it's much easier to deal with.
also, it's getting warmer outside and these diapers are so cute he can just wear a shirt or onesie and look adorable.

we haven't had our first trip out into public with cloth diapers yet, but i'm pretty excited!
today holds a lot of running for us.
selling some old baby stuff, getting more baby food, visiting a friend, getting some hand me down baby clothes, going to gastonia to get some crafting things...

so hopefully in there we'll have some time to stop for some diaper changes and hopefully they won't be scary like i'm thinking.

so far i'm LOVING cloth diapering.
especially after i saw how easy poop removal was.

cannot wait to get more (i'm already emailing people getting gently used ones for cheap, which is a great way to start off!) hopefully i can sell some things and save up some money [:

love, hugs, and not so scary poopy diapers


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