Thursday, March 29, 2012

3.29.12 cloth diapering day #2 & what i did today

As i stated earlier, today is day number 2 on cloth diapering.
today went WONDERFUL in the cloth diapering world!

we had our very first (and second) poopy cloth diapers! which i was really scared of. because the diapers look so pretty and bright and white and i didn't want them to stain or to have to scrape poop off of it. but it was unlike anything i thought of! 
the poop just fell right off and when i rinsed it you couldn't even tell it had poop on it.
which is why again, i think i picked a great time to start cloth diapering (since his poop is solid).

we also had our very first outing using cloth diapers!
it went pretty good, all except for cash had a complete and total MELTDOWN on the way home. :( he NEVER does that. he's been drooly and super chewy and sleepy lately so i believe he is teething again. 

tonight is our very first night in cloth diapers, (today was just FULL of firsts) hopefully a night in cloth diapers will be full of sleep and just like the other firsts we've experienced today, go over well. :)

on another note,

we ran quite a few errands today.
went to my church to visit nana and get some food she got for us.
took some food to my friend and her boys.
went to another friends to go through some clothes for cash for this summer.
came home, ate, napped, played.
sold some stuff of cash's that we don't use or he's grown out of.
went to gastonia with my mom to get some crafting supplies and get a few things from target.
which was when cash had a complete meltdown on the way home.
now we're home, i just gave cash his bath, gave him his bottle, rocked him, and put him to bed.

now it's mommy time. which happens not so often anymore lol
josh worked today (as a side job with a friend of my mom's, it's not much, but its better than nothing right now).
he's now at his dad's just hanging out and relaxing.
 knowing him, he'll come home and come in my room RIIIIIIGHT when i'm falling asleep or asleep really good then i'll be up for hours. as usual. hahaha

but, my favorite show, the big bang theory is on. 
and i'm going to watch it since josh isn't here to jibber jabber while i'm trying to enjoy it.

love, hugs, and may all of the "firsts" you go through, go well!


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