Saturday, March 31, 2012

3.31.12 cloth diapering night number 3 and day number 4

today went pretty well in the cloth diapering world around here.
all except for one small mishap.

so last night, cash did great in his cloth diaper, slept all night long.
last night i washed ALL of his diapers and let them dry.

this afternoon i was changing his diaper and he had spots all over his hiney and it was beet red.
i wanted to cry my heart was so broken.
not only because he's NEVER had diaper rash, and he honestly didn't act like it bothered him, but because i felt like cloth diapering wasn't going to work if he was going to have to be like that.
 BUT, then, i realized what i had done wrong.
cash is SUPER sensitive to any kind of detergent that isn't "free & clear" "gentle" etc.
the wash that i had been using on my diapers is SUPER harsh. so harsh that you only have to use 1 tbsp of it PER load. and keep in mind, this stuff is for poopy/pee diapers. so it's bound to be very harsh on baby skin.
so i had to de-stuff, wash, and hang dry all of his diapers again. he was in disposables for the afternoon, but i put a ton of california baby diaper rash ointment (one of the VERY few that are cloth diaper safe) on his hiney and even though he peed through his disposables, one of the many reasons i'm glad i switched, all of his diapers are now cleaned in a safe detergent for him and the diapers and his hiney is no longer bumpy or red. that stuff worked great!

i am so glad i realized what was wrong before it kept him like that.
he is currently asleep in his cloth diaper, but he fell asleep on the way home from my dads with no bottle and a fresh diaper with only one insert, which means he'll more than likely wake up to eat and be changed. which is fine with me.

we didn't really do much today. went to visit family and typical weekend things.

i am currently working on discovering 18 uses for my dr bronners. maybe i'll blog about it when i find that many. so far i only have 5 or 6. i've heard of a few that i am not willing to try. like, using it as medicine and tooth paste? what the heck. hahaha

i'm still waiting on a lady to email me back about picking up some cloth diapers, i'm so excited i've sent her like 29304032984 emails. hahaha

but, it's time to run off to bed and dream of lovely things!

love, hugs, and no more rashes!


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